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Corporate and Business Meditation, LI, NY



Corporate and Business Meditation

Business and corporate meditation, meditating for abundance and success, kriyas for business success, the Law of Attraction, human resources, Long Beach, Oceanside, Island Park, the Rockaways, Rockville Centre Long Island, Nassau County, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

Serving the Long Island, New York City and NY metropolitan area - The New Light Spiritual Center meditation to business and organizational groups for stress relief, increased focus, and to foster a sense of cameraderie and spirit – a deeper connection to one's work and co-workers.

New Light Business and Corporate Meditations are part of our MOTR (Meditation On The Road) Meditation Series. Included will be meditations on:

  • Using Kriyas (combinations of body position, breathing, mudras/hand positiions and mantras) to clear away spiritual impediments to working together
  • Working together and breathing together for coherence and common goals
  • Writing our vision
  • Kabbalah for balance in our work and business
  • Posiive thinking, the power of intention and the law of attraction for abundance and prosperity

Please contact us by phone: 516 432 5586, or email us for details.

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