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Kabbalah Meditation on Long Island, NY


Meditation on Long Island. Long Island NY Meditation


Kabbalah Meditation - Tree of Life Sefirot Meditations

Long Beach, Nassau County, Long Island NY - New Light Kabbalah meditations offer vibrant transcendent connections to lift you, spirit and soul.

Meditations may utilize the 10 Sefirot of the Tree of Life to help the practitioner find balance and connection. We may meditate and connect via the breath, the intention on levels of the soul - Nefesh, Ruach (spirit or breath) Elohim, or Neshama.

Utilize a mantra such as Yehee Ohr (let there be light), or visualize the light entering your heart, mind and soul.

We heartily recommend learning more through Rav. Laitman, Rav. Berg, our own beloved teachers Rav. Gelberman and Rav. Hermann. We also recommend the works of Aryeh Kaplan and Melinda Ribner.

We also offer packages and specials. Please contact us to learn more.

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